Sustaining Technology Leadership

In 2015, WABCO’s global team of nearly 2,000 engineers continued to deliver differentiating innovations, including 265 new patents granted for the year, which help contribute to our customers’ success around the globe. WABCO is helping truck, bus, trailer, and off-highway makers to advance our industry’s technological roadmap for better vehicle safety, efficiency, connectivity, and enhanced driver comfort. A 13% increase in investment in research, product development, and engineering in 2015 continues to power our leadership in the industry.

WABCO is an industry leader in supplying OEMs and fleet operators with technologies that improve vehicle safety, efficiency and connectivity. Below are a few recent highlights featuring WABCO’s breakthrough innovations.

Introducing OnGuardACTIVE™ – the radar-only, all-season collision mitigation system

More than 70% of the top 25 for-hire fleets in North America have WABCO OnGuard on board.

WABCO’s OnGuardACTIVE™ caused quite a stir in 2015. Building on the incredible success of OnGuard™, the market-leading collision mitigation system in North America, OnGuardACTIVE lays a path to new growth opportunities across the globe.

Driving in low visibility conditions poses major challenges. Heavy rain, dense fog, bright sunshine or night time driving can put a heavy toll on truck and bus drivers as they help to keep our global economies thriving. They need a system that works as hard as they do ─ one that will help keep them, and their vehicles, safe whatever the season. WABCO OnGuard’s superior radar technology is up to the task.

As the first supplier to introduce collision mitigation systems for commercial vehicles, WABCO continues to gain traction with its industry-leading technologies. Announced in March 2016, more than 100,000 OnGuard systems are advancing the safety of drivers in North America alone. To date, more than 200 fleets have driven over 45 billion miles under OnGuard’s watch and reported a reduction of up to 87% in rear-end collisions. More than 70% of the top 25 for-hire fleets in North America have WABCO OnGuard on board.

2015 brought further growth opportunities with the launch of OnGuardACTIVE - our most advanced OnGuard.

For the first time, WABCO offers an advanced emergency braking system in North America with active braking approaching stationary vehicles. Also in 2015, the European Union mandated that advanced emergency braking systems are required on all new trucks.

WABCO’s MAXX™ air disc brakes beat the drum

MAXX air disc brakes are lighter, more efficient at stopping heavy-duty vehicles, and easier to maintain than traditional drum brakes.

The market for brakes is turning a corner. Braking systems are one of the most critical technologies to contribute vehicle safety, but in many parts of the world, the majority of the heavy-duty vehicles on the road still use traditional drum brakes.

However, as industry regulators increasingly legislate for improved braking performance and shorter stopping distances for commercial vehicles, WABCO’s breakthrough, single-piston air disc brakes offer a compelling and economical alternative to drum brakes.

The MAXX breakthrough technology, which is helping to pave the way towards the adoption of advanced driver assistance systems, is gaining market share in North America, Japan, and China. In 2015, we announced that we will invest $17 million to open a new factory in Charleston, South Carolina to localize ADB production in the U.S. to satisfy increasing demand.

MAXX beats the drum. Simply put, MAXX air disc brakes are lighter, more efficient at stopping heavy-duty vehicles, and easier to maintain than traditional drum brakes. In fact, WABCO’s MAXX range is the industry’s lightest and highest performing single-piston ADB for commercial vehicles.

Winning safety technologies at the Dakar rally

"The Dakar", one of the world’s most challenging endurance races, is the ultimate testing ground for vehicle system performance and safety. The KAMAZ-master truck racing team, which WABCO sponsors, has consistently been the champion of the heavy-truck category.

For over a decade, WABCO has been supporting the KAMAZ-master team with our leading braking and efficiency technologies, helping to give the team a competitive edge.

Fleets gain valuable information to enhance productivity and performance

TX-TRAILERGUARD provides performance data on truck, trailer, and driver, in real time directly to the fleet manager’s desk.

Industry forecasts for the uptake of fleet management solutions show an estimated compounded annual growth rate of over 22% through 2020.

In 2015, WABCO showcased successful onboard product integration with Transics International, Europe’s leading fleet management services provider, by launching TX-TRAILERGUARD™. WABCO acquired Transics in February 2014. Harnessing the power of WABCO’s expertise in critical onboard systems and Transics’ fleet management platform, TX-TRAILERGUARD offered fleet operators the first and only solution to provide real-time performance data, on truck, trailer, and driver, on a single screen, directly to the fleet manager’s desk.

Customers such as Hödlmayr International, which has equipped its entire fleet of 600 vehicles across 16 countries, highlight how important it is to them: “Transics’ systems integrate easily with our existing software. This allows for maximum flexibility and adaptability to meet our present and future business needs. We are also excited about Transics’ and WABCO’s extensive service network to help maintain the performance of our fleet across Europe.”

As fleets adopt TX-TRAILERGUARD, they gain valuable information to enhance fleet productivity and performance. Effective fleet management solutions are all about providing connectivity and information between the vehicles on the roads and the fleet manager back at base. However, the real challenge lies in delivering the most relevant information, at the right time, through one solution in one portal. With TX-TRAILERGUARD, we successfully meet this challenge.

Transmission automation technology increases driver safety and fuel efficiency

WABCO's award-winning automated manual transmission (AMT) marked a major milestone with 3 million units sold worldwide.

Thirty years ago, WABCO pioneered something amazingly different for commercial vehicles. We introduced automated manual transmission (AMT) systems. It marked another WABCO breakthrough to advance the safety and efficiency of trucks and buses. In 2015, WABCO sold its three-millionth AMT system. That’s an unrivalled industry milestone – powerful testimony to WABCO’s global market leadership in this innovative driveline technology.

Through optimized gear-shifting, WABCO AMT combines the comfort of an automatic transmission with the fuel-efficiency of a manual one. It frees drivers from frequent clutching and shifting operations and helps to reduce driver fatigue. It also means that drivers can further concentrate on road and traffic conditions. What’s more, WABCO AMT technology actually increases fuel economy up to 5% compared to a manual transmission.

Take our OptiDrive™ system ─ another breakthrough in AMT technology. OptiDrive is a modular system. This means vehicle and transmission makers can quickly and easily apply it to diverse vehicle platforms. The benefits include reduced product development time which helps OEMs to bring vehicles to market faster.

Major commercial vehicle makers are increasingly adopting our advanced AMT and award-winning OptiDrive technologies, particularly in emerging markets. It’s no wonder that Shaanxi Fast Gear, China’s largest maker of medium- and heavy-duty transmissions, has chosen OptiDrive as its signature system.

WABCO’s efficiency-related technologies can boost the fuel economy of commercial vehicles by over 15%

WABCO’s leading technologies add up to major fuel savings.

Fuel consumption is one of the single highest operating costs for commercial vehicles serving the world’s economies and societies. Today, makers of trucks, buses, trailers and off-highway vehicles are constantly seeking to design and deliver vehicles that can offer differentiating benefits to operators. This means they are taking advantage of what WABCO knows and does best by utilizing our industry-leading portfolio of vehicle efficiency solutions. Lowering vehicle weight. Optimizing energy recovery. Reducing emissions. Improving fuel economy.

A truck equipped with all of WABCO’s efficiency-related technologies can boost fuel economy by over 15%. That translates into significant cost savings for fleets of any size – whether a dozen tankers, hundreds of tractor-trailers or thousands of municipal buses. For sure, WABCO continues to contribute to better commercial vehicle operating efficiency. We also help OEMs to bring vehicles onto roads that comply with environmental regulations. And that difference is cleaner, greener solutions for the wide world of fleets.

Acquisition of MICO for off-highway vehicles

In 2015 WABCO acquired a market-leader in hydraulic components, controls and brake systems for off-highway.

WABCO recently acquired MICO Incorporated. MICO manufactures hydraulic components, controls and brake systems for heavy-duty, off-highway vehicles.

With this acquisition, WABCO becomes the first and only company in the word that can offer OEMs worldwide both hydraulic and pneumatic braking systems for mining, construction, and agricultural vehicles.

New budget brand ProVia

WABCO’s ProVia spare parts brand combines reliability and affordability.

Enhancing WABCO’s growth prospects among fleets, we launched a new aftermarket product range in 2015 – called ProVia. The reliability of ProVia, backed by the quality of WABCO’s global engineering, manufacturing and aftermarket services, offers a compelling alternative to typical budget spare parts, which can often fall short on performance. ProVia currently features a portfolio of over 40 individual products in four of the aftermarket’s most popular replacement categories, including braking and clean air management.