Reconciliation of Non-Gaap Mesures to Gaap Mesures

2015 Performance Highlights

In 2015, WABCO grew sales by 6.6% in local currencies from a year ago to $2.6 billion in a market where truck and bus production dropped by 7% globally. WABCO also delivered a new annual record for earnings per share (EPS) of $5.62 on a performance basis and continued to outperform the S&P Auto Parts & Equipment Index in 2015. We beat this key financial benchmark by 30 percentage points in cumulative 5-year total returns to shareowners.


Reconciliation of Non-GAAP measures to GAAP measures

Financial Performance Highlights

Sales Dollars in Millions
Performance Operating Margin
Performance Operating Margin Millions
Performance EPS
Performance EPS Dollars
Performance Free Cash Flow
Performance Free Cash Flow Dollars in Millions
Supply Chain Productivity
Supply Chain Productivity Percentage
5-Year Sales CAGR
5-Year Sales CAGR Percentage

Comparison of Cumulative Total Return


Non-Financial Highlights

In 2015 WABCO committed to invested $27 million in a new Innovation Engineering Center in Hanover, Germany, to continue to advance our technology leadership.