We strive to turn our vision of “zero accidents” involving commercial vehicles into reality. WABCO continuously advances vehicle safety and driver assistance technologies by optimizing braking, stability control, suspension and transmission automation.


We are committed to continuously improve commercial vehicle efficiency while contributing to environmental sustainability through technology leadership. We help to improve fuel economy, reduce emissions, lower vehicle weight and optimize energy recovery.


We offer unrivalled connectivity for fleet operators to their trucks, trailers, drivers and cargo in real time. Through these differentiated digitized services, WABCO’s customers can improve driver and vehicle performance while also optimizing their fleet’s asset utilization.

A World of Difference

WABCO relentlessly creates a world of difference for OEMs and fleet operators through industry-leading innovations that advance the safety, efficiency, and connectivity of commercial vehicles wherever they are manufactured and operated. We aim to be the vanguard of systems for driver assistance, collision mitigation and fleet management.


Letter to Our Shareowners

Three dimensions differentiate WABCO.

First, WABCO fully supports every commercial vehicle platform—truck, bus, trailer and off-highway.

Second, WABCO offers industry-leading and innovative vehicle safety and efficiency technologies.

Third, WABCO is leveraging the strength of our customer connectivity and global footprint in every region of the world. 

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