Differentiating Globally

Early globalization ahead of the industry curve means that WABCO is uniquely positioned to serve commercial vehicle manufacturers and fleet operators across the globe. In 2015 we furthered this customer connectivity in all markets.

WABCO serves commercial vehicle manufacturers and fleet operators around the globe. Read below some highlights on how we contribute to the success of customers and communities in markets worldwide.

A rich reservoir of organic growth

As OEMs worldwide upgrade the safety and efficiency technologies on their trucks, buses, and trailers, WABCO’s applicable content per vehicle is poised to grow.

Today, WABCO serves truck, bus and trailer manufacturers in markets worldwide. In Europe, WABCO's largest market, commercial vehicles carry the most advanced safety and efficiency technologies. WABCO's applicable content per vehicle in Europe is valued at approximately $3,200.

Vehicles in all other markets around the globe do not hold as much content, but continue to close the technology gap. WABCO's applicable content per vehicle in the United States, is around $1,500. In emerging markets such as China and India, the applicable content per vehicle currently hovers at the $500 mark.

As manufacturers in all regions seek to upgrade the safety and efficiency technologies on their trucks, buses, and trailers, WABCO is superbly positioned to capitalize on a rich reservoir of organic growth for many years to come.

North America adopts more emergency braking systems in 2015

In 2015, WABCO introduced our industry’s most advanced safety system for trucks and buses in North America. It’s called OnGuardACTIVE™ – a radar-only emergency braking system. Why so different? It provides high performance in all seasons. What’s more, it performs superbly in poor visibility driving situations – rain, snow, fog, bright sunshine and total darkness – when camera-based sensors used in other similar systems may be impaired.

OnGuardACTIVE is always ready for emergency braking support. It provides active braking on moving, stopping and stationary vehicles ahead. That means it can apply full braking and bring the host vehicle to a complete stop. What better way to mitigate or prevent impending rear-end collisions? In 2015, the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board recommended the installation of autonomous emergency braking systems as standard equipment on all new commercial vehicles. Their anticipation of further improvements in road safety is based on performance standards for such systems published by the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Acting early to advance commercial vehicle safety, back in 2007, we introduced our OnGuard™ collision mitigation system, the first of its kind in North America. So far, over 200 fleets in North America are equipped with more than 100,000 OnGuard systems. Fleets say rear-end collisions have declined up to 87% since adopting OnGuard, and WABCO is inspired that it has become the industry’s leading collision mitigation technology in North America.

New Air Disc Brake for trailers launched in North America

WABCO’s success story with air disc brakes continued when we signed a long-term supply agreement with Hendrickson in North America. We launched our innovative MAXX22T™, the most optimized air disc brake system for trailers and the lightest one available in the region. The system offers a weight reduction of up to 100 lbs on tandem axle trailers, thereby, helping to improve vehicle fuel efficiency or enable an increase in transport payload.

Modularity serves vehicle platforms worldwide

WABCO’s modular braking system platform offers OEMs the flexibility to equip their vehicles with either anti-lock braking or electronic braking systems for markets worldwide.

Today we lead the industry in offering modular strategies and technologies for global commercial vehicle platforms helping vehicle makers to efficiently produce new trucks, buses and trailers wherever they operate across the globe.

For example, mBSP™ is a modular braking system platform. Featuring the industry’s highest degree of standardization, mBSP offers vehicle makers the flexibility to equip truck and bus platforms with either anti-lock braking or electronic braking systems for markets worldwide. This means they avoid the design costs, production overheads and localization efforts of different configurations.

Outperformance in emerging markets

For more than a decade, WABCO has proactively positioned itself in emerging markets, which also represent a major reservoir for growth.

In 2015, in China – the world’s largest market for commercial vehicles – WABCO outperformed the market by 25 percentage points.

In India, WABCO’s truck and bus sales outgrew the market by 16 percentage points, offering compelling evidence that WABCO really is the brand of reference in these key markets.

ABS mandate poised to improve road safety in India

WABCO has helped to improve road safety in India by retrofitting over 47,000 petroleum and hazardous goods carriers with anti-lock braking systems.

Despite an increased focus on road safety, nearly 40,000 people die every year in accidents on India’s roads involving commercial vehicles. In 2015, the Indian government set out to dramatically advance road safety and mandated that new heavy-duty trucks and buses be fitted with anti-lock braking systems (ABS) starting that year.

Currently only 10% of all applicable vehicles in India are equipped with ABS. As the top supplier of braking systems locally, WABCO serves all leading makers of commercial vehicles in India. Today, 8 out of every 10 new vehicles that come with ABS already carry WABCO systems on board. In addition, WABCO has made over 47,000 petroleum and hazardous goods carriers, as well as passenger buses safer by retro-fitting them with ABS. This broad-based adoption of ABS in India presents a significant growth potential for WABCO.

High-performance on the race track

WABCO demonstrated our safety and efficiency technologies in the most challenging environments, including at the Buddh International Formula 1 Circuit in Greater Noida, India.

WABCO has a longstanding relationship as a premier supplier to Tata Motors. We are proud to sponsor the annual T1 PRIMA Truck Racing Championship, which is the premier truck racing event in India. Over the past three years, WABCO provided all competing trucks with a range of innovative products, including WABCO’s anti-lock braking system (ABS) and high-performance air management system.

Time and time again, we have demonstrated the high performance of our advanced safety and efficiency technologies in racing environments, which represents the most extreme operating conditions for heavy-duty trucks.

WABCO’s aftermarket offers a world of solutions for the world of fleets!

WABCO’s network of over 2,400 service partners and 3,100 authorized Distribution Points spans more than 110 countries.

WABCO has decades of experience as a leading global supplier to major vehicle makers worldwide. This means in-depth knowledge and industry-leading expertise about complex vehicle control systems and sophisticated electronics.

Advancing fleet performance through improved safety, better efficiency and better asset utilization is what drives WABCO’s aftermarket service network. And we do it in many ways! Our service network spans more than 110 countries. Over 2,400 certified Service Partners. More than 3,100 authorized Distribution Points. We provide diagnostic services for over 18,000 registered users of 60 system diagnostic programs in up to 23 languages. WABCO University, our professional training organization, serves customers from 72 countries. A center of excellence for technical, business and driver safety training, it graduated nearly 16,000 participants in 2015, an annual record.

Launched in 2015, ProVia is our new aftermarket product range. Its quality and reliability is backed by WABCO’s global engineering, manufacturing and aftermarket service excellence. Simply stated, ProVia is a compelling alternative to other aftermarket budget spare parts. For fleets seeking remanufactured components, WABCO Reman Solutions provides further value for end-of-life vehicle management and contributes to environmental sustainability.

All in a world of solutions delivered right at the center of the world of fleets. And, one that we constantly invest in like no other supplier.